Quick Korean: My New Addiction (Repost)

Yesterday I read Korean Vitamin’s post about Quick Korean, and it sounded so amazing, I decided to try it myself. And now I’m addicted.

Like she said, it’s really easy to sign up, and it really is all free. I can’t believe it. I’ve hurried through the first 10 lessons in under 2 days, and I feel like I’ve learned a lot. I’ve been using this and Mango Languages together over these past two days and let me tell you, that motivational spark I was whining about before is definitely back. Using these online resources is so fun and easy, I’m having a hard time slowing down!

Quick Korean is awesome. Each video lesson is about 30 minutes long (the first two explaining hangul are about an hour each), and comes with both a pdf download and an audio download. The pdfs offer explanations of grammar points and vocabulary lists, and I’ve been using Study Blue, a flashcard app, to keep track of all the vocab for Level 1. After 10 lessons, I’ve accumulated approximately 120 vocab words, and there are 20 more lessons in Level 1. Also, not to advertise Windows 8, but the snap view is perfect for simultaneously reading the pdfs and watching the video lessons side by side. (I just bought a new laptop, so I’m a little obsessed, okay?)

My favorite part of the lessons is the instructor. He’s a bit awkward at times, and he seems to know it, but he smiles right through it and somehow I find that to be very entertaining. I keep giggling throughout the lessons. If anyone didn’t know I was actually studying, they would probably think I was watching some kind of comedy. Is that mean? I swear I’m not laughing at him, I’m laughing with him. He’s super cool, you’ll like him too. Besides him being funny, like, all the time, I also like the way he paces the lessons, gives detailed explanations, and plenty of opportunity for you to practice speaking and repetition. The listening sections are always difficult for me, but I’m catching on little by little.

I think I’ll spend the weekend reviewing the vocabulary from these first 10 lessons, and then start back up with the video lessons next week. If I can finish 10 lessons in two days, I can certainly get through 10 more over the course of a week.

If anyone else decides to try out Quick Korean, let me know what you think!

Visit the website here: http://korean.cuk.edu/index.do

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