Sprout Pens

I recently purchased a really cool set of pens off of Amazon and wow, they are so cute!


These are all black ink gel pens, but come in an assortment of colors and, my favorite part, have sprout leaf toppers that can be used as headphone jack dust plugs. According to the package, they even glow in the dark!





I originally purchased these pens simply to use the dust plugs on my iPhone because I thought they were just so adorable, and fortunately, the pens write nicely, too. I’m a big fan of a K-Pop group called B1A4, so I thought this would be a small but cute way to show my fandom pride. (If you don’t know much about B1A4, they are known as being country-side idols and even have a bean sprout dance. Their fans are often lovingly referred to as “sprouts” despite the official fandom name being “Bana.”)

Right now, I’m using a green sprout as my dust plug, and I think it compliments my pink and white phone cover quite nicely. When other people see the sprout on my phone, they think it’s weird, but I know what it represents and it makes me happy.


If you want to purchase some for yourself, you can shop them here.

Sorry if some of these pictures came out weird! I’m a really inexperienced photographer and this is my first time using the Canon my dad gave me for Christmas. I don’t know how to edit photos nicely yet, so I just used the originals. I’ll keep practicing so that I can share more beautiful photos with you next time.

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