I Fixed Up My Room!

This is kind of a random post, but I’m really happy with my room right now. While I was away at college, my room got the usual “storage room” treatment from my family, housing all of their random furniture and knick knacks that they didn’t want elsewhere in the house. After I moved back home, it took me a while to move that stuff out, but I still had a ton of stuff that I needed to sort through.


crap literally everywhere..but my kpop albums are organized! so are my language books (on the keyboard shelf)
i hate folding laundry and making my bed
you cannot see the floor; i’m not even kidding. does the floor even exist? not sure…

All the mess was giving me anxiety and made it hard for me to feel motivated to do anything productive. I would just avoid my room, and, consequently, avoid my studies. I decided to finally roll up my sleeves and conquer the beast. I had considered repainting my room so that it would look more sophisticated, but to be honest, I love how bright and colorful my room is- it really energizes me!


it’s so pretty! and cheerful! hello kitty is taking a nap lol
can anyone spot the jar of sand??

Up Close:

there it is!
jewelry organization- desk drawer organizer from Target
found some HP memorabilia from my last trip to Orlando while I was cleaning
added some decor to the top of my bookcase…that crooked strand of grass is gonna bug me…
my reading list! probably gonna start Norwegian Wood next.
i found the rosary I got in Mexico during my study abroad. also, curtains made by me!
built a set of drawers for more storage. please ignore the jumbled wires
bought more thin hangers for extra closet space
this is still full of completely random junk. i would really like to clean this out :/
my very last box of completely random stuff from college. temporarily covering the top with a lap desk for ~aesthetic~

As you can see in the last two pictures, I still have some organization to do, but I’m kind of pooped. I even have some laundry waiting for me in the other room that I’ll have to fold and stuff somewhere in my closet. But it’s such a huge improvement and I feel like I’ve lifted a huge burden off of my shoulders. I can’t wait to enjoy my room to it’s fullest potential and use my now organized space to focus on studying languages and practicing music, and just plain relaxing.

ahhh! finally relaxing! (i’m watching Rush Hour 2 ^-^)

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