Morning Glory Mini Haul

My package arrived today! Woohoo!

Morning Glory has so much cute stuff, I had to restrain myself from buying more than I did! I purchased 3 notebooks, a pencil and eraser, and a pack of memory cards. Can you tell I like Rilakkuma? 😛

Here’s a closer look:




The first two notebooks (animal pattern and astronaut Rilakkuma) have lots of pages and very clean lines. I can’t wait to write in them! The third notebook (coffee Rilakkuma) has less pages, but it has a bookmark flap that you can use to mark your page. Underneath the flap, the characters have their eyes closed like they’re napping. So cute!


These are just plain adorable.


These memory cards are quite small so they won’t be too bulky to carry around, and all the cards come pre-punched so you can keep them on the binder ring.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with my purchase. Since I live in Southern California near Morning Glory stores, the delivery time was quite quick. I bought these with the intention of giving me a little extra motivation to get back into my Korean studies, and honestly I’m really looking forward to getting started again. Having all these cute stationary supplies again really reminds me of my childhood, so I think I’ll be back in that studying mindset in no time. I haven’t fully decided how I’m going to use my notebooks yet. I think I’m going to use one for Korean textbook work, another for Korean online studying, and the last one simply to practice writing Japanese kana and kanji. I might change my mind, but that’s the plan for now. If anyone else is kind of picky about their study notebooks, please leave a comment and tell me about how you like to organize your notebooks! I need some inspiration/advice. 😛

I’ll provide links to all the items here just in case anyone wants to check them out!

Notebooks: 1, 2, 3



Memory Cards

Enjoy & thanks for reading!

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