The Number Wall

Yeah. I hit it.

So I was all excited to get back into studying thanks to all the new stationery I bought, and I really zipped through the first 3 sections of my textbook, but I forgot to anticipate the calamitous chapters ahead. I just finished a chapter on shopping (How much is this? Give me X amount please. The total is X won. etc.), I’m about to start a chapter on dates (months, days, years, etc), and I peeked and saw that the chapter after this one is about telling time. And guess what you need to successfully communicate all three topics??? NUMBERS!!! There is something oddly mystifying and dreadful about learning a whole new counting system, no, make that two whole new counting systems (gotta love Sino-Korean!). Maybe it’s because I haven’t had to study math for the past five years (by design- I picked my English major for a reason), but it’s really starting to make me feel like the whole old dog/new tricks thing is true. The verve I had just yesterday seems to have completely dissipated, and I am now at the mercy of the Number Wall. But what is there to do besides force myself through these next few chapters and hope that these numbers start to stick in my brain?

Unfortunately, my textbook gave me zero explanation about the usage of Sino-Korean numbers vs. pure Korean numbers, so I had to hit up the Google search bar for some help. I found some helpful sites that offered plenty of explanation, but this somehow left my brain a bit more addled than before…Anyways, you can check out omniglot, howtostudykorean, and askakorean for their explanations.

On a side note, all this studying has given me another chance to revisit my Korean studying playlist that I use to listen to in college. I’ve added to it since I graduated (had to listen to something while I studied for my TEFL, right?) and I think that from now on, whenever I post about my Korean learning journey, I’ll plop a track from it in at the end.

Here goes:

Gotta start things off right with my babies, B1A4! I’ll share some more ~indie~ tracks in the future. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “The Number Wall

  1. Never watched this video, B1A4 boys are so cute. 🙂 So you’re studying to become an English teacher? Good luck with your study.


    • Aren’t they??? This is one of my favorite videos of them. Thanks! I actually already finished my TEFL! Now I’m applying to teaching jobs.


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