EPIK Results!

I’m just writing this quick little post to announce some good news:

I’ve been offered a position to teach English this fall with EPIK in Seoul!!!

I’m so happy I could dance! (And to be honest I did do a little jig when I read the email.) After this, I’ll be receiving some documents in the mail that will help me in obtaining a visa and planning my flight, and there will also be some orientation information as well.

I’m still trying to let it all sink in. I can’t believe that not only did I get accepted, but I also got the city I wanted too! Now I’ll have to deal with some logistical things like planning out what to pack, notifying my bank and my job of my departure, and figuring out how to vote/file taxes/wire money/other grown-up-y stuff while I’m abroad.

I’m going to start posting vlogs on my youtube channel, so check it out if you want: itsveronicaguys

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