Mini Kpop Haul

I recently ordered some signed albums and they just arrived in the mail! I thought I’d give you all a quick sneak peak. šŸ™‚

Lately, I’ve been into rookie groups because it’s fun to watch them grow and experiment with different concepts. Since their fan bases are quite small, it’s always a bit exciting when I get to talk to someone who likes the same rookie group because it’s somewhat rare.

I ordered three mini albums this time: Oh My Girl’s self-titled mini album, UNIQ’sĀ EOEO, and BESTie’sĀ Love Emotion.

Oh My Girl –Ā Oh My Girl

signed cover
the cd is placed on a flap on the inner back cover
each member has a hand-written profile page. good for practicing reading korean handwriting!
inside front cover. i love their fresh concept!


nice compact book with a hard cover
autographs on the inside of the title page
sungjoo photo card šŸ˜€

BESTie –Ā Love Emotion

my favorite one! large, colorful hard cover
inside is a large pocket instead of book pages
the “booklet” is inside the pocket
dahye photo card! šŸ˜€
it’s actually not a booklet! they are individual pages, so you can use them as posters or decoration if you want

Overall, I’m very pleased with my purchases! The BESTie album is by far my favorite of the three. I love the colorful design and the unique choice of using individual pages instead of a bound book, and in general, I’m most admire these talented girls.

If you are interested in purchasing signed albums, you can find them at a number of online retailers, but I prefer to order them from Mwave. They host online meet & greet events, where you can order a signed album and write a message to the group. Then on the day of the meet & greet, you can watch a live broadcast of the artists answering questions, showing special talents, and reading your messages! If they pick you, you can also win special prizes like pins and polaroids. Plus, if you spend more than $25 and your package weighs less than a certain amount, the shipping is free. It does take a long time to receive your package, but that’s because you have to wait until each event is completed and for the artists to sign all the albums. They will mail your package when all the items in your order are ready.

You can check out the latest meet & greet opportunities here!

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