2016 Goals (sort of)

So I read somewhere that it’s actually bad to share your goals. Saying them out loud causes you to believe that you’ve accomplished something and that you are closer to your goals than you actually are. You end up taking it easy and you may not work as hard to achieve your goals. You may not even achieve them at all! So I won’t be sharing my detailed list of goals for 2016 for this reason. But I will share a list of areas in my life that I will be focusing on this year.

  1. Organization-When I was living in the States, I tried the Konmari method and really changed my living space. But now that I’m in Korea with a new apartment and a load of new stuff, I’m back to being a messy gal, so I really want to work on achieving and maintaining some semblance of organization. I also find myself wasting a lot of time so I want to be more productive as well.
  2. Languages- Living in Korea, of course my number one priority is studying Korean, but I’ve also gained interest in Japanese and I’m revisiting Spanish as well.
  3. Treating myself- In an effort to save money I often buy things that are affordable, yes, but either not completely satisfying or not suitable for me. Like clothes that aren’t quite flattering, or beauty products that don’t quite match my needs, or even food that isn’t quite delicious sometimes. Now I don’t want to break the bank, but I do want to start paying more attention to the things I buy, and invest my money in products that are really worthwhile and that I will really get use and joy out of.
  4. Read and write more- It’s good for me and I can do this.

Within each of these categories I have made some specific goals with deadlines, so I think I’ll be able to track my progress quite well. I’ve set up my planner and a couple of apps to help me stay on the right course. I also have a few other goals that are quite personal that I didn’t share here, but maybe if I do well with them I can write about them at a later date.

Happy New Year and good luck with your goals!

One thought on “2016 Goals (sort of)

  1. Really enjoyed this post! Only just stumbled across your blog but I really identify with the goals (and share some language ones)! looking forward to future posts. 🙂

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