Spring Is Here~

Wow, I can’t believe my last post was back in January. Where did the time go??

To be fair, I’ve had a lot going on. My sister came to visit me for a week, I took a short trip to Jeju Island, I went to Japan for a week, a new school year started at work, and my dad and his wife visited for a week. I actually just said goodbye to them at the airport 20 minutes ago. I’m currently exhausted but happy I got to see them. A few more things are going to keep me busy in the near future, but I hope I can get my life a little more organized so I can get back to blogging and posting photos and videos. I’m also feeling another surge of motivation to study Korean coming on, so I’m going to try and complete some of the textbooks that I’ve only half finished and are now collecting dust.

And now spring is here! I can’t wait to see all the cherry blossoms and to start dressing for warm weather again haha.

Hope to write again soon!

Have a great day and Happy Easter to those who celebrate!

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