Korean Textbook Haul


I recently went shopping at YP Books and picked up a few more study materials.

I am literally the WORST PERSON because I still have other books at home that I havent finished yet…so what am I doing spending more money…

But nevertheless, I’m really excited about these books and I feel really invigorated and motivated to study. Let me show you what I got.


The first book I picked up was 2000 Essential Korean Words for Beginners by Darakwon. It really appealed to me because 1) my vocabulary is really limited so I wanted to buy something to help me jumpstart my vocab acquisition, and 2) it seems quite logically organized. However, I realized some of the example sentences are hard for me to understand at this stage so I think I’m going to wait to use this one.

Which brings me to my next purchase:


TOPIK in 30 Days: Intermediate Vocabulary (English ver.) by PJ Books. I think 33 words a day for 30 days is a bit ambitious for me, so I probably won’t follow that pace (but I havent decided yet…) but I like the structure, the explanations, the exercises, and the study tips. It seems really handy for self-studiers. I think this will be more appropriate for me to start with and then I can graduate up to the 2000 words book I bought.


The last book I got is called Diary of Dana in Korea which is by Hawoo (I think). This book seems like so much fun to study with. It is written as a manhwa so it is really colorful, cute, and funny, and what more could you ask for in an engaging study material? I didn’t realize this when I bought it, but you can download audio files for each of the stories in this book. So awesome.

I believe these are all available for purchase at twochois.com so check them out for yourself. 🙂

Like I said, I’m really fired up to start studying seriously and boosting my vocab, so I’m working on devising an effective study plan. Once I smooth it out I’ll share my plan here, and maybe I can also start doing learning log posts as well.

Happy studying!

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