Bullet Journal | 2017 March Set-Up

This is seriously shameful posting about my March set-up literally more than half way through the month ㅠㅠ but I’m trying to show a little follow-through and I told myself that if I was going to start posting videos on Youtube, I would do it right and have some “multi-platform marketing and engagement.” LOL. I still don’t get how to make friends on Twitter or Instagram and I already have this blog so, yeah, blog post it is!

If you’ve seen my February set-up, you might find my March set up to be quite a shock. I’ve ditched the list-style calendar for traditional boxes.

IMG_4407 (2)

I used a grey Zebra Mildliner to draw the boxes of the calendar, and  a Kuretake Zig Brushable in English Lavender for the lettering, calendar numbers, and side boxes. I love the Kuretake markers because over time they soften up and become really comfortable to use, and it’s double ended so each side is a different shade of the same color. The washi tape is from Daiso and I don’t know the brand of the cat tab, but I’ve seen it at various ‘팬시’ stores here in Seoul. My reading list is ambitious yet again, so I’m not sure how much I’ll accomplish…


Next, I included a weekly timetable:

IMG_4409 (2)IMG_4410 (2)

I’ve been finding this really useful (even if I don’t stick it every day) because it lets me see my periods of free time that I can use for home and self care, for studying, for leisure, etc. The morning and evening routines are definitely “ideals” because I don’t always follow them, but they’re still really nice to reference when I’m feeling motivated. Same pens as before, plus the Pilot Frixion Light highlighter pack and some fine point markers from Daiso.


Next up are my weekly lesson plans which I forgot to photograph, but just check my previous blog post and you’ll see how I set it up. It’s the best way I’ve found to keep track of the lessons I teach each week and I’ve been using the same layout for a few months now. I don’t anticipate changing it any time soon.


After that is my ultimate nemesis, my finance tracker:

IMG_4412 (2)

I don’t know why I have such a hard time sticking to finance trackers…Maybe because they’re tedious to fill out, or maybe because I don’t like facing the reality of how much I’m spending…*sigh*…Main points here are my starting and ending balance sections, and the income and bills sections (all of which are self explanatory). Down below is where I track my daily sections. You’ll see that each day has two lines. The top line is for logging my total spending for that day, and the second line is to log the total for the month so far.
Beside my finance tracker are my Youtube and WordPress trackers:

IMG_4413 (2)IMG_4414 (2)

I’m trying to be more organized and dedicated when it comes to my online presence these days. I don’t think I’ll become internet famous LOL but since I’m such a denizen of the web, it just seems like the natural next step to contribute content on topics that I’m interested in and passionate about, rather than simply consuming it. Hence this blog post! The “start” and “end” boxes are for my subscriber count for March, and below I have ten lines to list video ideas and to check off the steps for video ideas. Same goes for WordPress.


My daily pages are also a huge departure from what I did last month:

IMG_4415 (2)

Instead of writing them as I go through the month, I decided to pre-make all of my daily pages. It was a bit time consuming but also therapeutic in a way?? Using the same pens and washi tape as before, I decided to do half pages so that I would have lots of space to do some meal, weight, and quality tracking. For meals I write BLDS in a column, and fill in what I eat each day. To the side, I drew a little doodle of a scale for tracking my weight. (I can’t doodle.) Below that I have six boxes that I use to track various aspects of my life in terms of quality rather than quantity: overall mental state, korean studying, tidyness, hydration, physical activity, and reading. I’ve tried habit trackers before and they just don’t seem to work for me. Plus, when I fail to fill them in daily, they make me feel like crap. This is a much healthier way, at least for me, to see where I’m at each day. I use a different shade of purple to fill in the boxes depending on how satisfied I am with my efforts/results in each category. Darker purple means “Yesss I killed it!” Middle purple means “Meh I tried,” and light purple means “Oops! Not today!” This quality tracker is an original idea from Youtuber/Instagrammer Ricardo from Bujo Boosted and he has so many great ideas, so be sure to check him out! (This goes without saying but I obviously use the rest of the free space for listing tasks and notes, etc…)

At the end of the month, I have space to reflect on what I liked, didn’t like, etc. from the month of March:

IMG_4417 (2)

I wasn’t planning on adding this section, but I had the extra half-page and thought, “Why not?” Plus it’s probably a good idea to stop and assess yourself every now and then.


Another great idea from Bujo Boosted was this productivity tracker:

IMG_4419 (2)IMG_4420 (2)

Originally dubbed the “Ultimate Productivity Challenge,” this is both a method for tracking your productive tasks and a rewards system. I highly recommend watching the video that explains how to use this chart since Ricardo goes into great detail. I will briefly explain, however, that in total there are 45 boxes and as you complete tasks, you fill the boxes in starting from the outside and moving in. Each “ring” of the chart that you complete corresponds to a specific reward. In the original system, there’s no rules about how often you do each task. For example if your task was to read 1 chapter in a book and you read 5 chapters, you could fill in 5 boxes and be well on your way. But I was concerned that I would start preferring to do one task more than the others and have a really unbalanced tracker, so I divided the 45 boxes between the 3 tasks I chose (reading, cleaning, studying a particular book). If you look closely you can see I’ve written out the number of times I’m allowed to do each task under the task itself, and I can cross the numbers out as I do them. Hopefully that wasn’t too confusing!


The very last spread I have for this month is a chart to keep track of my lesson revisions:

IMG_4422 (2)

I’ve been working at the same school for over a year and our textbooks haven’t changed. I’ll be teaching the same exact sections as last year so instead of inventing new lessons, as I’ve had to in the past, I can now go through my old lessons and streamline them, spruce them up, or change them if need be. I want to revise them ahead of schedule so that I don’t have to feel stressed when each lesson rolls around. So I’ve made this chart to keep track of all my book-based lessons and as I fix them up, I can fill in the boxes. I’m finding it quite handy so far.

Well that’s it for now!! Again, I can’t believe how late I am at posting a FREAKING SET-UP; March is almost over and then it’ll be time for a wrap up again!! Hopefully this was helpful or gave you some inspiration for your bullet journal. Let me know if you have any questions!

Until next time~♡

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