Refocusing My Blog

Hey guys, it’s Veronica.

I’ve been taking a lot of time to think deeply about my presence online and how I can improve the content I’m putting out. I’ve been pretty diligent about the photos I curate on my Instagram account (@itsveronicaguys….feel free to follow me…lol) but when it comes to this blog and my Youtube channel, even Twitter, I am woefully inconsistent, and I want to start making changes on both platforms to ensure that I can provide quality content (and quantity, because let’s face it, quantity does matter online).

So this is my resolution to post more frequently, both here and on my other social media sites, to post more quality content, and to be more focused in the topics I choose to write and vlog about.

I want this blog and my Youtube channel to be bright, friendly, and authentic. I want to provide helpful information relating to my experience as a teacher, a foreigner in South Korea, and a learner of languages, but I also want to have fun and show you more of my personal life and travels. For anyone concerned, yes, I do intend to also keep sharing about my bullet journal. I hope you will stick with me as I try to put my best foot forward.

I don’t expect to suddenly have the discipline to post blogs and videos 5 times a week (trust me, 5 times a month is struggle enough) so I won’t be holding myself to a particular posting schedule just yet, but I do have a bit of fire in me, and inspiration to boot, that I think will help get me into a reasonable rhythm of posting content for you.

Thanks for reading~

PS: Check out this video where I discuss this same topic on my Youtube channel

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