My Korean Bookshelf Tour

Today I wanted to give a quick tour of my bookshelf where I keep all of my Korean leisure books and textbooks. I love seeing what learning and reading materials other people like to use, so I thought I’d share my collection as well!

On my shelf, I currently have 28 books, but I’ve owned books other than what is pictured above. I tend to get rid of textbooks and workbooks after I’ve done all of the work in them because I don’t feel a need to hold on to them afterwards.

Down below I’ve made a list of all of my Korean books and added a little information to explain what each book is about.

Leisure Books

  • 해피 일러스트 노트 – a cute little book that teaches you how to doodle
  • Jeju Bus Trip – promotional material by Innisfree
  • 해리포터와 마법사의 돌 – Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s (Philosopher’s) Stone
  • 52주 여행, 남몰래 아껴둔 서울경기 214 – 52 weeks of travel recommendations for Seoul and Gyeonggi-do
  • Penguin Loves Mev: In the UK 2 – comic about an international couple
  • 아름다운 몸 만들기 – exercise book for women
  • 바른 글씨 비법 노트 – handwriting practice workbook (for Koreans who want to improve/stylize the look of their handwriting)
  • 하루 7분: 요가 스트래칭 – daily 7 minute yoga stretching
  • 하루 7분: 뱃살 공략 트레이닝 – daily 7 minute weight loss training


  • My Daily Routine in Korean – a TTMIK book about daily routines
  • K-Pop Korean – learning Korean grammar and vocabulary through popular K-Pop song lyrics
  • 2000 Essential Korean Words (Beginner) – a big ol’ book of vocab
  • Diary of Dana in Korea – a comic about a foreign exchange student living in Korea, designed for Korean learners
  • TOPIK in 30 Days – a big ol’ book of TOPIK vocab
  • New TOPIK II Essential Grammar 150 – grammar lessons and practice for TOPIK II
  • Talk To Me In Korean Workbook – Level 4 – corresponds with their free online curriculum
  • Test Guide to the New TOPIK – gives an overview of test question types and some practice tests
  • Complete Guide to the TOPIK II – more in-depth analysis of TOPIK questions and strategies
  • Korean Grammar in Use (Beginning) – book of essential grammar
  • Korean Grammar in Use (Intermediate) – more essential grammar
  • Useful Chinese Characters for Learners of Korean – beginner and intermediate level hanja, basically a vocabulary book
  • Get It Korean Reading 2 – reading workbook by Kyunghee University
  • Get It Korean Writing 2 – writing workbook, this series goes up to level 6
  • Korean Made Easy Intermediate – topically organized grammar book for self-studying
  • Korean Made Easy Vocabulary – topically organized vocabulary book for self-studying
  • TOPIK II 한 권이면 OK (English Edition) – comes in multiple languages, teaches grammar, vocabulary, and test taking strategies
  • Perfect TOPIK 쓰기 (2019) – writing guide for the TOPIK II that provides real life examples of TOPIK II essay answers
  • 사회통합프로그램 종합평가 한 권으로 끝내기 (2018) – study guide for the final exam for the Korean Immigration and Integration Program

Well, that’s everything! I would love to hear from you about what materials you love or are interested in trying. You can also check out the video below for a more in-depth introduction to these books and my personal thoughts.

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