Welcoming 2020

Happy New Year! We have officially entered into a new decade! Some people don’t find this to be a particularly important fact, but to me it seems rather momentous. It strikes me that 80 years from now, a new generation will look back at what we wore and what we listened to as a moment in history, the same way we look back at the flappers of the 1920s. So I guess we better make this decade something to remember!

2019 was as exciting as I predicted! So many good things happened: I visited my family for vacation, I didn’t fail the TOPIK II, I got engaged, I moved into a new apartment in a new part of Seoul with my new fiance, I started reading books again, we started planning a wedding, and I spent my first major Korean holiday with my future in-laws.

It wasn’t all good. My paternal grandmother passed away suddenly, one of my best friends left South Korea, and I had to switch schools for work (not terrible, but certainly an adjustment).

But either way, time keeps passing and we have to move forward with it. I don’t know what exactly the new year will bring, but I’m ready for all of it! I feel motivated and optimistic for the future, which is no easy feat for me. I have big plans for 2020 and I can’t wait to share them with you.

So once again, happy new year! And I’m wishing you the best.

Thanks for reading!


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