I Got Married!

If you’ve already seen my Youtube or Instagram updates then you will have already heard the good news! The corona virus might be messing up everyone’s plans these days, but it can’t mess with love!

On Thursday March 19th, 2020, I got married to my best friend. I feel so lucky and proud to be his wife! And I’m finally starting to feel a bit more like an actual adult. Haha!

Our original plan was to get married on the 19th, which is our three-year anniversary of the day we met, and then have a beautiful wedding in a hanok on the following Saturday, surrounded by our friends and family. Due to the situation with the corona virus, we had to postpone the celebration until later this year, when hopefully things will be better. I was devastated at first, but I realized the most important things are that we and our loved ones are all safe and healthy, we love each other, and we could still enter into our loving and joyful marriage on our special anniversary, without the wedding.

So on Thursday morning, we got up early, got dressed in something nice but comfortable, and headed to our local “Gu” office. We filled out some paperwork and submitted it after making some corrections, and we were done! We ran outside to take some pictures but we forgot to take off our masks!

We sat down on a bench in the garden to exchange our rings. I cried of course, I’m such a sap! And then we made all the necessary calls to close family to tell them the good news.

My simple but elegant rings. I’m really happy with the look of them together.

We have been doing our best to support social distancing, but on our special day we wanted to do something a little, well, special. So we headed to brunch and had a lovely meal together.

French toast with whipped cream and caramelized bananas

All in all, though it was a simple process and a relatively normal day (hubby had to head to work for the evening, I stayed home and did housework), it was still a wonderful and memorable day.

I filmed a short vlog in the evening talking about my day, so feel free to watch it as well if you’re interested!

Thanks for reading and I hope you are all doing well during these strange times. I hope this little life update reminds you that even in the midst of this crisis, good things are still happening in the world. ♡


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