My Language Goals for September 2020

Hi everyone! Told you I was actually trying to post more consistently this time~

This month I decided to make some concrete goals for the languages I study and I wanted to share them for some accountability. I tried to keep them simple and achievable but I’m also not feeling too worried about completing them all. Ticking two or three off of my list would honestly be enough for me. Actually, I think I’m already close to completing a few, and it feels great! Keep scrolling to check out my language goals for September.


Korean is my main priority and probably always will be. I live in Seoul and have married into a Korean family, so I definitely need to keep working on this language! I used to study really intensely, but ever since I took the TOPIK in 2019, I haven’t been taking my studies as seriously, so I created a few easy goals to help get me back on the horse.

  • Finish the level 4 course on Duolingo (nearly done!)
  • Complete two lessons in Get It Korean Reading 2
  • Start annotating the first chapter of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (해리 포터와 마법사의 돌


I studied Spanish for many years throughout middle school, high school, and even college, and both of my parents speak it fluently (it’s my dad’s first language). Needless to say, this language has a special place in my heart. But despite all my years of experience I can’t seem to get it to stick in my head! Recently I’ve started trying to reacquaint myself with Spanish but I’ve been keeping it very casual. Since I already have so much background knowledge, I find studying and reviewing Spanish to be quite fun and relaxing these days.

  • Complete level 4 on Speekoo
  • Complete level 5 on Speekoo
  • Take the A1 Level test on Busuu
  • Pass “tourist” level 2 on Drops


To be honest, my goal for Japanese this month doesn’t even involve actual studying. Over the years I’ve played with the idea of learning Japanese, but since it’s not really a priority for me, I never really got past learning hiragana and I’m really sick of being stuck in this phase! So my goal for this month is to very simply:

  • Make a study plan

I’ll gather some resources and make a checklist of steps to take to really get started instead of aimlessly playing hiragana games like I usually do.

So those are all of my language goals for September! Hopefully I can complete a few of them and give you an update at the end of the month. And hopefully this inspires you to make a few attainable language goals for youself, too!

Thanks for reading,

– Veronica

4 thoughts on “My Language Goals for September 2020

  1. Those are some good goals! I finally got back into my “Korean Learning” this month after a long time! – ThoughI should say I finally made progress on the ‘workbook’ I am trying to write. It helps me review as well so whoooo. Do you find Duolingo helps?

    As for Spanish – YES! I need to catch up on that as well! My husband’s family speaks it so I am working on it as well!

    And it looks like we have similar language goals – because after all this, I want to learn Japanese too!! ❤

    Good luck! I will be rooting for you for sure!


    • Wow a workbook!! That is awesome! As for Duolingo, I occasionally pick up new vocab but I’m on level 4 of 5 and still don’t find the grammar challenging. It’s more just the daily exposure and achievable goal that I like. Good luck to you as well!

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