Daiso Haul! Washi Tapes and Acrylic Stamps

Hey guys! Long time no blog post, I know. But I’m feeling energized this month, so today I’m bringing you a quick Daiso haul AND a cute little youtube video to go along with it!  Keep reading to get to the video~

When I first came to Korea over 5 years ago, the stationery at Daiso was just…fine. It got the job done, was sort of cute, but I didn’t care to spend my money there when I could get the “good stuff” at Artbox or Hottracks. But within the last couple of years the stationery at Daiso, and lot’s of other products too, have been steadily improving while still maintaining their wildly cheap prices. These days, Daiso is often the first place I prefer to look when I’m on the hunt for a new stationery item. Unfortunately for my husband however, my washitape collection continues to grow at an exponential rate due to these improvements.

In my most recent trip to Daiso, I ended up picking up a bunch of cute new washi tapes and a couple of acrylic stamp sets!

Washi Tape

Each themed package of washi tape includes 3 to 4 rolls of tape, some with gold foil, and each package costs only 1,000₩, which is less than a dollar US. In total I bought 5 packages of washi tape for 5,000 won, and ended up with 16 rolls of tape! The themes I bought were nature, korean tradition, sky, food, and florals.

I had a great time doing swatches! Usually I prefer to hoard my tape and tend to think of swatching as “wasting”the tape, but I enjoyed seeing each individual design shine on the page. It gave me a good sense of how I might want to use them to decorate my bullet journal spreads in the future.

Acrylic Stamps

I’ve been interested in acrylic stamps for a while but hadn’t seen them anywhere in Korea. I also noticed that acrylic stamps could be a bit expensive, so I was absolutely floored to see that Daiso had come out with stamp sets and blocks for such affordable prices.

I purchased two sets of cute stamps as well as a small sized block (not pictured here, but featured in video) for a grand total of 3,000 won. To be honest I’m not a huge stamper so I’m glad I was able to try out acrylic stamps without having to invest a ton.

So overall, I’m really glad with my haul! I only spent 8,000 won for all of the items. I really think Daiso offers amazing value for the price, and I’m excited to see what kinds of unique designs and stationery products they come out with in the future. If you’re more of a TL;DR kind of person, you can check out my youtube video below.

Thanks for reading! And I hope everyone is safe and healthy as we enter the holiday season!

– Veronica

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