Season’s Greetings! What’s in store for December

It’s finally December! My tree is up, my Netflix queue is full of cheesy holiday movies, and I’m pretty much exclusively listening to Christmas carols at this point. Today I wanted to share with you what to expect from my blog and Youtube channel during the month of December!

So before we get into it, I have a few life updates to share since the last time I was active on this blog. In October, my husband and I successfully had our Korean wedding in a safe manner and shortly after we enjoyed a short staycation in Seoul. In November I entered my 29th year of life, and throughout the fall season I’ve been just barely keeping my head above water at work as we near the end of the school year.

But now it’s winter and the end of 2020 is in sight! It’s really tempting to just give up for the time being and wait until the new year for that fresh-start feeling, but I’m simply not comfortable with letting a whole month go to waste. For the month of December I would really like to refocus on all of the promises I’ve made to myself over the past year.

This month, I am committing to:

  • posting everyday on Instagram (I’ve already started, go check it out! @ itsveronicaguys)
  • posting 3 blog posts per week
  • posting 1 Youtube video per week

I will also be working hard to maintain my daily habits of reading, writing in my diary, and studying Korean right up until the new year. I’m hoping to share more study-related content in particular, as I feel I’ve skewed much more towards stationery recently, but I will still be sharing my bullet journal setup as usual. I might also open up about my struggles with fitness and weight loss, who knows! And of course, I’m very excited to talk about goal setting for 2021!

I am feeling very determined and focused at the moment but I might need some accountability and encouragement to keep it up over the next few weeks. So I hope you decide to stick around this month! Thanks so much for reading and I’m wishing everyone a safe and healthy holiday season.

– Veronica

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