My December 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

We’re about a week into December and I still haven’t shown you my bullet journal setup for this month! I tried to prioritize productivity and functionality while still celebrating the season with lots of festive touches. I’m no artist, so I tend to do that with stickers and washi tape, but I still like how it turned out! If you’d like to see how I set up my December bullet journal, keep reading!

Monthly Spread

This month I decided to use a two-page calendar rather than the traditional bullet journal list calendar. I have a column for weekly tasks (which I’m mostly using to track lessons due at work) and a notes section where I’ve put my color code. The highlighter check boxes are for my social media posts.

Brain Dump and Content Planner

Next I have a brain dump page (watch my youtube video to hear my thoughts on this!) and a content planner. I’m still deciding what topics to write about on my blog, but I have decided all of the posting dates in advance. As I mentioned in my Seasons’ Greetings post, I’m trying to upload videos once a week and share blog posts three times a week.

Christmas Movie List and December Goals

Next, I have a fun Christmas Movies list! I split up my favorites into made-for-tv-Hallmark Channel-style-cheesy movies, and traditional hollywood movies. My all time favorite holiday movie is Last Holiday starring Queen Latifah. It’s so funny and heartfelt! On the next page, I have my December goals split up into categories: reading, study, and other.

Habit Tracker

Next is my habit tracker! I love the colorful look of these pages. I like to split my habits into morning, daily, and evening habits. In the column on the right hand side, I will calculate my success rate for each habit.

Weekly Spread

This weekly setup is inspired by the layout in the Charmed Life Planner by Alexis Giostra aka Miss Trenchcoat. I modified it by adding a section at the top of each day for events/announcements, and also added times along the margin in case I need to plan hourly. I use my color code from the monthly spread to organize my daily tasks. I’m also writing my daily spending at the bottom of each day.

2020 Reflections

And finally, I have a blank page where I can write some reflections for 2020. What a wild year! I definitely need to reflect on my experiences and my feelings before moving on to 2021.

So far, this setup has been really great! I feel like I’m getting a lot done and the colorful pastel theme lifts my spirits every time I see it. Don’t forget to check out my youtube video about this setup too! Thanks for reading!

– Veronica

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