Duolingo Year in Review

Hi everyone! Duolingo recently introduced a new (at least new to me) feature called “Year in Review,” so I thought I’d share my year with you in today’s post!

This year I have been making much more effort to use Duolingo on a near-daily basis. I know it’s not the most effective way to study a language, and I don’t think anyone would argue it was. But for someone with a good foundation in a language, it’s a great way to keep your wheels greased between serious study sessions. I personally enjoy how Duolingo is portable, free, visually appealing, and entertaining. Lately I have been using it during my morning commute or a few minutes before bed, and as a result, I’ve nearly finished the Korean course and kept up a pretty good streak (though to be fair, I have used my share of streak freezes).

My biggest con is that not all language courses are created equally. Spanish, for example, has a well-developed course with a variety of different exercises (matching, translate to english, translate from english, listening, speaking, put the words in order, choose the correct picture, et cetera). The Korean course is decidedly less varied and only very recently has the option to type in Korean started being offered on mobile. If you are studying Spanish, you also have access to Stories (short dialogues with quizzes) and Duolingo podcasts. Korean? Not so much. Even Japanese now has a special section dedicated to teaching the alphabets, but Korean still only has a few lackluster hangeul lessons.

Well, without further ado, let’s take a look at my Year in Review!

7th most popular?? Then I hope Duolingo will start developing all of their languages to the same degree as Spanish and French etc.
This had to be during my first work-from-home order lol.
I do deserve a better 2020! Thank you! Also important to note they only tracked up to October. A shame though, because I Duolingo’ed a lot in November and December.

So that was my year with Duolingo! I’m trying my best to finish the Korean course before the year is over, but I won’t hold myself to it. In the meantime I’m earning badges and making plans for next year. I definitely want to dive into Duolingo’s heartier language courses and see how they go. The Spanish Stories are really fun so I can definitely see myself keeping up my streak throughout 2021.

Do you like/use Duolingo? Why or why not? Let me know how your year on Duolingo went down in the comments!

Thanks for reading! And remember to wear a mask!

– Veronica

2 thoughts on “Duolingo Year in Review

  1. I think it is quite expensive for subscription.
    And also I don’t think its it’s very its very friendly. I don’t understand the point system well.
    On another point I like your review on power up in Korean vocab book
    Can you find out the price of the book in Korea ? What’s the equivalent of n Β£sterling??
    I’m be based in England.
    Also congratulations on your pregnancy 😘


    • Hi there,

      I agree so I don’t pay for the subscription. It’s not necessary and you can still access all the content without it.

      I think the important thing is enjoying the learning process rather than worrying about the points!

      Sorry, I don’t know what I paid as I no longer have the book. I’m sure you can search around online.

      And thanks for your congratulations!


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