Hello, 2022!

Can you believe it’s officially the year 2022? It’s the year of the tiger! I don’t know about you but I already feel like 2021 was ages ago. I’m so glad we finally made it here, though. So, Happy New Year!

My life has changed so much in the past 12 months and now it seems like I can barely remember what my life was like at the start of 2021. Around this time last year, I was probably gearing up to teach winter English camp (over the phone, thanks COVID…) and setting up my bullet journal spreads. I was working as an elementary school teacher and stressing about my visa. I was living in a villa (which is a type of small apartment in Korea) with no natural light, and making plans with my husband about where to live next.

Now, I live in a cozy little apartment with lots of light and plants and a pretty little kitchen that we designed ourselves. I changed my visa, which allowed me to leave my job last summer. Now, I spend my time at home by focusing on my health, housekeeping, hobbies, and my husband. I ticked off many of the goals I made last January, finishing some right in the nick of time before December 31st. Some goals still require more time and dedication, so I’ll keep working on them in the new year. Other goals no longer apply to my life at all, so I’ve come up with some new goals to tackle instead. It’s really amazing what can happen in a single turn around the sun.

I was going to write that I have no idea what’s in store for 2022, but I do in fact have a clue. Don’t worry, very soon I’ll be able to clue you in, too! But even so, I expect that this next year will be full of ups and downs and new adventures, some I can’t even imagine yet. I’m nervous but as always, hoping for the very best. Hoping for the best for myself and for all of you, too!

I hope you’ll stick around with me for another year of sporadic blogging! I really do want to be more consistent, but I say that every year… 😅

Once again, Happy New Year! And see you soon!

– Veronica

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