“Hey guys, it’s Veronica!”

My Story:

In 2015, I left my home in southern California and came to Seoul, South Korea to work as an English teacher through EPIK/SMOE. It wasn’t long before I became swept up in all the many wonders Korean culture has to offer: ancient treasures like traditional food, history, architecture and traditions, as well as the modern delights of K-Pop, cute stationery, and beauty/fashion trends. I also started intensively studying the Korean language in my first year through the KIIP program, which was an invaluable experience. In 2017, I met my soulmate, and in 2020 we got married! Now, I’m focused on building our lives together and starting a family.

About This Blog:

I started this blog and my YouTube channel as a way to both document my new life abroad (travels, culture, work life, etc.) and to share about my struggles and triumphs while learning the Korean language. During my time here, I have been fortunate enough to not only travel to different cities throughout South Korea, but to also explore nearby Asian countries like Japan, China, and Taiwan. And while I’ve been stuck in the “intermediate plateau” for a while now, I am still pursuing fluency in Korean. While I still try my best to share interesting and useful travel, lifestyle, and Korean language content, over time this blog has evolved to include my love of bullet journaling, reading, and other languages, too.

I hope that this blog can be a source of inspiration or a useful guide for my readers. I’m not a lifestyle guru with all of the answers, but I will always do my best to share what I’m learning and to help others along the way!

Thanks for reading!

Other Places To Find Me:

itsveronicaguys on YouTube – Subscribe for lots of bullet journal content! I also have some fun travel vlogs, Korean learning tips, and bookish videos. I’m currently trying to establish a better balance between bullet journal videos and my other passions so please bear with me!

@itsveronicaguys on Instagram – Here you can find bullet journal and language study content, as well as blog and channel updates! Between my two IG accounts, I’m more active on this one. My DMs are open!

@veronica_cegarra on Instagram – On my personal account, I like to share my favorite travel and food photographs.

Email – For business inquiries, you can reach me at: contact@itsveronicaguys.com