2021 October Digital Bullet Journal Setup: A Cinderella-Inspired Theme!

October is almost here, which means Halloween is also on it’s way! Here in South Korea, we are finally transitioning into fall–we just had the Autumn Harvest Festival holiday last week, called chuseok, and recently the weather has turned rather gloomy and rainy. Before diving into Halloween festivities, I first had to set up my bullet journal to prepare for the upcoming month.

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March 2021 Bullet Journal Setup: Simple and Functional Ideas

How is it March already??? 2021 is really just speeding by. Today I’m giving you a peak into my March setup in my bullet journal. After a very decorative and whimsical February (check it out here and here) I decided to scale it back for March and keep the design really sleek and simple. I also flipped through some of my old bullet journals for inspiration, so some of my favorite functional spreads have made their way into this month’s setup.

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My December 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

We’re about a week into December and I still haven’t shown you my bullet journal setup for this month! I tried to prioritize productivity and functionality while still celebrating the season with lots of festive touches. I’m no artist, so I tend to do that with stickers and washi tape, but I still like how it turned out! If you’d like to see how I set up my December bullet journal, keep reading!

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6 Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads

When I first started bullet journaling, I was pretty content with sticking to Ryder Carroll’s rapid logging system. I experimented a few times with weekly spreads over the years, but always found myself always coming back to rapid logging as it was the most efficient method for me, both in regards to space and time in an A5 or smaller journal.

In my current journal, I have used rapid logging on occasion, but I have found myself much more drawn to utilizing weekly spreads, perhaps due to having more space on the page in this journal than I have in the past.

After many experiments, I’m excited to share with you 6 different weekly spread designs. Keep reading to find some ideas for your next weekly spread!

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My Current Study Planner

Yesterday, I registered for the TOPIK II. With only 3 months left until the exam, I have a lot of studying and preparation to do. While I usually do most of my planning and listing in my bullet journal, I thought it would be nice to use a separate planner to track my daily studies and keep me focused for the next few months. During my last trip to Tokyo, I picked up a really lovely study planner which I will be showing in today’s post.

Let’s go~!

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