Being Gentle with Yourself: 5 Cozy and Restful Self-Care Tips for Coping with Stress and Tough Times

Hi everyone! Time flies… It’s already the second half of February and I haven’t posted once since sharing my 2021 Goals and Habits. I spent the entire month of January off of work, just trying to focus on my goals and get as much done as possible. But as I mentioned in that post, I was constantly worried about how much time I had left and if I was doing enough. By the end of the month, I was so anxious about the time slipping away, and I was being so harsh and down on myself and my perceived lack of accomplishments, that I ended up not really enjoying my vacation time at all. I’m finally back to work this month (it’s still winter break at my school, but I have to teach English camp and desk warm) and after a bad mental health week, I decided that I needed to take a little time to practice self-care. Self-care comes in many forms, but I personally felt that due to my fragile state of mind, I needed to move slowly and be gentle with myself for a few days. Keep reading if you want to know how I practiced self-care during a busy week!

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Happy New Year! Goals and Habits for 2021

It’s a new year! That means it’s time for the obligatory “new year, new goals” blog post. 😂 I went about making my goals a little differently this time and I’ve already started working on quite a few of them. Usually when a new year rolls around, I feel really positive and hopeful, and full of energy and motivation. This year wasn’t any different, but now that I’ve had a chance to experience 2021 for a few weeks, the reality that some things still suck has kind of dampened my initial high spirits. Even so, I’m still very excited to share with you my goals for 2021, so let’s get into it!

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My December 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

We’re about a week into December and I still haven’t shown you my bullet journal setup for this month! I tried to prioritize productivity and functionality while still celebrating the season with lots of festive touches. I’m no artist, so I tend to do that with stickers and washi tape, but I still like how it turned out! If you’d like to see how I set up my December bullet journal, keep reading!

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My Language Goals for September 2020

Hi everyone! Told you I was actually trying to post more consistently this time~

This month I decided to make some concrete goals for the languages I study and I wanted to share them for some accountability. I tried to keep them simple and achievable but I’m also not feeling too worried about completing them all. Ticking two or three off of my list would honestly be enough for me. Actually, I think I’m already close to completing a few, and it feels great! Keep scrolling to check out my language goals for September.

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Why I Am Still Staying Home

South Korea has been applauded by the media as one of the countries that has had great success in containing the corona virus. This is certainly true and I feel thankful that I am able to enjoy the benefits of the government’s efforts and affordable healthcare. However, even though our social distancing protocols have been relaxed, I will continue to stay home as much as I can.

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6 Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads

When I first started bullet journaling, I was pretty content with sticking to Ryder Carroll’s rapid logging system. I experimented a few times with weekly spreads over the years, but always found myself always coming back to rapid logging as it was the most efficient method for me, both in regards to space and time in an A5 or smaller journal.

In my current journal, I have used rapid logging on occasion, but I have found myself much more drawn to utilizing weekly spreads, perhaps due to having more space on the page in this journal than I have in the past.

After many experiments, I’m excited to share with you 6 different weekly spread designs. Keep reading to find some ideas for your next weekly spread!

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