Autumn is Here, Once Again

Long time no see, once again! How many times have I started off a blog post exactly like this?? I’ll have to go back and count, because I’m sure it’s a high number. Anyways, here I am, back again, suddenly feeling motivated to write and create just at the turn of the season. I didn’t realize I had left this blog so stagnant this year. My last post was back in March! I actually meant to make a bullet journal post back in May–I made a header image for it and everything, but it never left my drafts, and now I guess it’s rather irrelevant.

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Welcoming 2020

Happy New Year! We have officially entered into a new decade! Some people don’t find this to be a particularly important fact, but to me it seems rather momentous. It strikes me that 80 years from now, a new generation will look back at what we wore and what we listened to as a moment in history, the same way we look back at the flappers of the 1920s. So I guess we better make this decade something to remember!

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Refocusing My Blog

Hey guys, it’s Veronica.

I’ve been taking a lot of time to think deeply about my presence online and how I can improve the content I’m putting out. I’ve been pretty diligent about the photos I curate on my Instagram account (@itsveronicaguys….feel free to follow me…lol) but when it comes to this blog and my Youtube channel, even Twitter, I am woefully inconsistent, and I want to start making changes on both platforms to ensure that I can provide quality content (and quantity, because let’s face it, quantity does matter online).

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