A Day in Daebudo

Late last winter (2019), my boyfriend and I took a fun day trip to a little island called Daebudo. On the way we stopped at a cafe, a look out point, and after going on a hike, we stopped at a delicious kalguksu restaurant before heading home. I figure we all need a little break from COVID-19 news, so today let’s take a little mental escape! Read on to see some photos from this leisurely, beautiful day!

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Hong Kong 2017

It’s been about a year since I traveled to Hong Kong alone and I recently realized I never posted my photos from that trip. I’m not a talented photographer but I’m really happy with a lot of the photos I took, and I have so many good memories attached to each one. Since I didn’t visit a new country during my last two vacations, I think it would be nice to relive that trip and share my photos here. I’ll be telling my story through captions along the way!

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Ensenada, Mexico

Two weeks ago, I took a short 3-day trip with my dad and my grandmother to Ensenada, Mexico, a popular tourist destination with lots of shopping, great food, and nice weather.

I brought my DSLR with me to take some pictures but ended up snapping most of my photos on my phone so please forgive the quality of some of these!

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