Halloween Haul from Daiso Korea

Finally, the Halloween season is upon us! While Halloween is not quite as big a holiday in South Korea as it is in the United States, it is slowly becoming more known and more popular among the younger generation. Many children, especially those who attend private English academies (영어 학원), have had some exposure to the concept of Halloween, so it’s now quite easy to find seasonal decorations and food items at places like Daiso and Starbucks. I’m personally really impressed with the Halloween festivities put on at Everland and Lotte World, two of South Korea’s popular theme parks. I always try to make it a point to visit Everland at least once during their Halloween event period, but since that might not happen this year (pandemic), I wanted to bring the spirit of Halloween home! I already had a sizeable stash of Halloween decorations from my years of teaching English, but I decided to venture out to my nearest Daiso to see what they had in stock.

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